CNA Application

The CNA training ends with a test and you have a routine to go through while applying for the courses as well. There are various procedures that are intricate and yet mandatory, and they have to be followed. It is important for you to review the application form before filling in the details and carefully examine the various factors. The application procedures differ from state to state. If one has had a criminal history in their past then they have a specific form to fill with attaching all their records pertaining to the specific clauses to be taken in custody.

The Procedures (As they exist in the state of Florida):

It is mandatory that a CNA must appear and complete their background screening as a part of the application process. The candidate has to complete the form and submit it to Prometric who scans the application and sets it on a review. The Prometric then scans the individual's profile and sends the individual a letter to have their fingerprint authorized. The candidate has to get their fingerprint authorized electronically, which is then verified by FBI for any trace of malice or malevolence in the records. The Prometric then selects the individuals based on the records submitted to them by FBI, and then hands it to the Florida Board of Nursing. The Florida board of nursing sends the students who have been approved a testing ticket that is required for taking the test. If the student fails any of the test, then the student has to appear for both the tests again. In order to have a convincing training routine, you have to choose the CNA certification that will wire you to the necessary training principles.

For students who haven't done a program:

For those who are looking for a career in nursing without having a formal training in CNA routines and without a diploma or an approved program, all you need to do is clear the test. However, it is recommended by many that you take approved programs as a prerequisite for you to give the CNA test. An individual has to be of 18 at least, and this is the criteria for appearing for the test. The test lasts for 2 hours and it has up to 50 multiple-choice questions that are written in English. The test is divided into two parts, an oral test or a Spanish test that will test your command over communication skills. The second part of the test is the testing of your essential skills, skills that you need to own as a nurse which would be taught to you in the CNA programs, and you have to select 5 skills which would describe your potential in black and white to end the debate over the speculation of your career. If you want to serve as a nursing professional then you have to be practical with the choice of the test that you have made and then you have to be guided by just motives that will place you in the right position after you are through with the choices that you have to make as a soldier of welfare.

A note on Background Screening:

A failure to reveal the criminal background in its totality can land you in a lot of trouble while applying for the course of your choice. In order for your application to be honest, you have to list all the credentials regarding your past. Other than the traffic violations, every other registered offense has to be mentioned in your application form. Every application is treated as unique and is solely responsible for its merits and demerits. If you have a case of violence registered against you then you have to present a certification of rehabilitation presented in time. You also have to present all the records regarding your arrest and the follow-up. You have to remove all the various difficulties that lie in your head about presenting an honest profile. You have to depend on your self-belief to achieve a state of mind to write a letter of self-explanation.To have a selective approach while listing the details in your form is like having a half hearted strength of character.